Announcement - COVID-19

Dear K-wave Lovers,

With the ongoing situation of this pandemic COVID-19 globally, we apologize for the delayed shipments and pending orders placed by our beloved customers. While we constantly communicate from our suppliers in Korea and China, there have been stranded incoming shipments Internationally thus putting our operations on hold. We really appreciate your valued patronage of our brand and we would like to assure everyone that we will continue to operate once everything is back to normal.

Currently, placed orders will be shipped out once the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Lockdown from Luzon has been lifted. Meanwhile, as of to date, suppliers from China can now ship our orders to the Philippines but we still have to hear from our Korean suppliers. We extend our sympathy to you with this ongoing uncertainty as we are likewise stricken by this tough situation locally.

Some couriers already contacted our site and have partially received orders placed last January and February. However, orders placed starting March 2020 are still pending. We will continue to monitor and respond to inquiries from our site and we are currently updating our prices and inventory. Other suppliers have changed their rates and thus you can see an increase in prices as they have to source from different manufacturers to satisfy our orders.

Orders placed prior to the Nationwide lockdown will be processed at default prices but new orders placed starting today moving forward will experience a different rate. We are still looking on how to improve our services once we are back to normalcy thus we acknowledge your continued support.

We are very positive that after everything has settled, we will be forging ahead to keep up with all of you.

So much love,